Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cooking fail

I'm having one of THOSE weeks.
I haven't cooked anything so far, all week.
Things I intended to make: a blueberry cake, fried rice.
Things I have made: Nothing!!!

We were out of town until Sunday night, at which point we decided just to order pizza. Monday we decided to go see Funny People and we had no groceries, so we ended up eating at Pizzeria Uno (none of us ordered pizza, though). Tuesday we still hadn't done the groceries, so we went to the store and ended up buying a frozen pizza.


Tonight I have wine club, so I'm not making dinner tonight, either.

Do you guys have weeks like this? When none of the stars align? I'm hoping to get my act together by tomorrow, when I believe we're having jamaican jerk pork with Old Bay-seasoned corn on the cob. There, now it's in writing, so it has to happen.


Sara said...

We had fried rice on Monday! And i greatly support old bay seasoned corn. It's one of the bases of our beachtime meals. My uncle also wraps the corn in bacon. hah.

Hampers said...

OMG it looks superyummy. Wine will do better with it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)