Friday, January 16, 2015

Wine Club Discoveries

Wine Club launched into 2015 this week at our house! We all brought random bottles of wine (no theme) and I completely failed to document any of them. So, I thought I'd just share the two items that generated the most excitement:

1. I ran into Harris Teeter to buy some popcorn kernels and strolled by the bread sample area. When I saw that the day's sample was a merlot boule, I did a literal double take, backtracked, took a bite and ordered the bread immediately. The flavor is subtle, but it's definitely present and when paired with their store brand of merlot and cheddar spread, it is a SURE party pleaser. Six girls decimated that entire loaf in four hours.

2. Erica brought this pearly vodka wine called Viniq that looks like a straight-up galaxy in your glass (photo stolen from Lauren!). It's a fusion of vodka, moscato and "natural fruit flavors" but it reminded me of the way generic grape-flavored drinks tasted in the 90s. It was so fun to gaze at its sparkles, though!

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