Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Spy: Pink Rugs, Iron Pigs and Glass Grapes

It's been a LOOOOOONG time since I had the luxury of wandering around my favorite antique mall, but I had a little time on Monday to visit my old stomping grounds — the Williamsburg Antique Mall. Here are some interesting little items that caught my eye:

 This fancy antique match holder could be fun to have around wherever you most light candles (even if that happens to be the bathroom, lol).

I'm a sucker for jadeite and these maple leaf plates, 4 for $22, seemed like a sweet addition to any table.

These inexpensive column pulls could spice up any old bathroom cabinet or wardrobe. $5 is a steal for something so unique and fun!

I thought this antique secretary was just modern enough to work in any decor, and for $195, it was really reasonably priced. It dates to the early 1900's.

This metal target bearing the Friendship 7 would be a fun $20 graphic addition to a gallery wall. 

This chrome industrial stool could be a fun perch for a cook in the kitchen, or a great piece at a drafting table or desk. It was $70.

I have a weakness for interesting candleholders. This French Art Nouveau chamberstick, $39, seems like a romantic addition to a nightstand.

I was wishing I had room for these black and white porcelain nesting bowls, $20. They would make popcorn and chips look so fancy, or could be great planters for bulbs. 

I have a newfound love for pink oriental rugs, so this one was singing out to me! $245, and I'd estimate it was about 4 x 8.

A fun piece of art for a girly room...a 1960's ballerina painting by a Betty Dolman for $80.

I thought this modern two-tone dresser was very handsome. It's $275.

We honeymooned in San Francisco, so this tall skinny print caught my eye. I passed it up (not wanting to break a set of three), but it would be a very interesting shape to incorporate into a gallery wall. 

 I have one of these Egyptian inlaid bone and mother-of-pearl boxes and I seriously gaze at it when I'm in my bedroom. It's just one of those pretty little things you'd never regret buying, and for $16, it's much more interesting than your average jewelry box.

One of the weirder items I spotted more than once: a white pig statue. Could be a fun/trippy thing to have lurking in your garden, but at $95, I'm thinking that's something you buy if you truly have everything else you could ever want.

Unlike the rest of the decor blogosphere, I'm not that smitten with glass grapes, but in case that's something you've been hunting for and you're in the Hampton Roads area, they had an entire table of them! They certainly are pretty...just not my particular tchotchke cup of tea.

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