Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Best v. 228

Georgia O'Keefe's painting studio. I could never be this clean and decluttered, but it looks like heaven, doesn't it?

It's the last weekend to finish cleaning out our apartment once and for all, and I'm simultaneously filled with dread (ugh why isn't it OVERRRRRRRRR yet) and excitement (it's almost over!). Once that's done, we can start really tackling house stuff in earnest. My friend Ashleigh asked what our next project will be and it's truly hard to know what to tackle first, but in my mind, I want to finish some more projects in the den, like:
  • Paint the doorway white
  • Possibly paint the window??
  • Replace all the switchplates
  • Possibly paint the fireplace....not high on the priority list but definitely something we're both considering.

But then of course there's the guest room that needs to be de-wallpapered and painted, the living/dining room that needs to be painted, and so on and so forth. Let's distract ourselves with some links, shall we?

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