Friday, November 9, 2012

Jams of the Week

Music Jam: "Mercy" by Kanye West

I can't explain it. There's no reason for it. I just am sorta obsessed with this song and I walk around singing, "Lamborghini mercy, your chick, she so thirsty" all day, every day.

Literary Jam: "Just Kids" by Patti Smith
I first thought about reading Smith's memoir last Christmas, when I bought it as a gift for my friend, Ryan. I finally started reading it a couple weeks ago and friends, it is no wonder it was the winner for the National Book Award in 2010. It has all the ingredients: celebrity intrigue, easy but lilting prose that's pure poetry and a raw, honest look at friendship and romance. I'm not done, but it's stellar.

Thirsty Jam: Woodchuck "Fall" Edition
We bought the mixed pack of Woodchuck for our wedding in 2010 and when I had the special "fall" version, I was in love. I haven't had any luck finding it in a six-pack like this, but trust me, it's magically autumn in a bottle.

Office Supplies Jam: Martha line at Staples

The Martha Stewart line has been at Staples for a while now, but I just now made it over to the sole Staples in our area to check it out, prompted by a post from Jamie at I Suwannee. It is all SO CUTE. Chalkboard labels, stick-on metal labels and faux-shagreen aqua storage boxes. I don't even know what I'm going to use them for, but I had to go pick a couple up.

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