Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Spy: Gift Ideas Edition

We interrupt the scheduled gift guides to consider an alternative to all the chain store and cyber Monday madness: antiques! Antiques have the potential to make GREAT gifts for some folks. Consider:
  1. They are unique and special.
  2. You can often find an original version of something that's being reproduced now.
  3. It's eco-friendly (reuse and recycle, what what?)
  4. You can support the smallest of small businesses by purchasing antiques.
I popped into the Williamsburg Antiques Mall to illustrate my point. With about 30 minutes to browse, I found these gift ideas to give you some inspiration for unique holiday gifts.

If mom loves eggs, decorating a pretty table and especially decorating for Easter, why not get her a sweet set of antique egg cups? These look perfectly Martha Stewart and were $25 for a set of four. Antique malls are also reliable for candlesticks, teacups and gorgeous cake stands.

The perfect gift for teachers: a brass apple key holder for her classroom, for a super affordable $4.50!

A great gift for newlyweds: vintage Williams Sonoma wood bowl, works as a decorative piece or as a salad bowl. The bowl was from a collection by John McLeod and made in Vermont; it cost $58.50. 

The perfect decoration for dad caves and man caves: a vintage framed print of Old Ironsides for $48.

For decoristas or Anne of Green Gables fans: Anne fans will get the significance of a porcelain foo dog (Spoiler alert: Anne was gifted a pair for her hearth when she got married). Foo dogs are decor classics that can guard a hearth or prowl a bookcase. This one was $50.

Antique trophies make amazing objets d'art, vases, pencil cups, etc. For $95, this one from 1911 was a bit too pricey for my taste, but I think they can be found for much cheaper.

For the little gal in your life who is incredibly responsible and can appreciate old stuff, a vintage dollhouse can be bought WITH furniture for the price of one that comes unassembled in a box. This one was $200...I saw another one for $395.

And for newlyweds, a bright piece of fiesta ware can bring some pop to the china cabinet or tabletop. This pretty turquoise gravy boat is $18.

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Laura Rennie said...

I got my mom the Anne of Green Gables DVD box set for Christmas. I can't wait to watch them all with her! It's been years. Oh, and I bought Andy "Homeland" after reading your guide for men. I've heard amaaazing things about it.