Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catching Up

 Oh friends, what a week. I've been working every night this week so far (more on that later), so for now, we're going to just catch up via Instagram shots. The last chance I had to relax was Sunday, when I came thisclose to finishing my painting of Ben Bulben, an astounding mountain we saw in the Sligo area of Western Ireland. It's so strange to be learning to paint in another medium...I know I have to walk before I can run, but I wanna be at de Kooning level already!

 On Monday, I had the honor of covering an appearance by legendary journalist Bob Woodward and convinced him to sign my reporter's notebook. Pretty sure that's gonna have to get framed.

And of course, yesterday I worked long hours covering the election.

Am I the only one having one of those crazy weeks? We're having a little party here on Saturday, so from tomorrow on, I'll be prepping for that.

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