Friday, October 12, 2012

Jean Harlow-Inspired Wedding

If I had: a lithe, lean body + looked great with platinum hair (not a necessity) + had a little dough to drop on sparkle, I'd love to have a '30's starlet-inspired wedding.  When you pause to think: is this too much sparkle? Are these too many feathers?, remember, "What would Jean Harlow do?"
She'd wear more sparkles.

For my starlet-inspired bash, I'd have a ceremony in a beautiful old theater, like Naro Cinema, then hope across town for an elegant, candlelit reception at the Chrysler Museum, with crystal stemware and silver-and-gold everything!

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Art Deco Bride

The ingenue bride would wear a showstopper dress, full of sparkle and fluff, with star hair clips, glittering shoes, an elegant bracelet and a gorgeous ring with a history.

Gown by Roberto Cavalli, Giant Dwarf hairpins, Nars lipstick in Autumn Leaves, Lulu Frost bracelet for J.Crew, sequined pumps from Endless, antique ring from 1st Dibs and Chanel's Coco Noir.

Her bridesmaids will also bring a dose of glamour to the festivities, maybe in rich emerald green gowns accented with elegant pendant necklaces, sparkly shoes and an armful of calla lilies.

Art Deco Bridesmaid

Dress by J.Crew, necklace by 1928, shoes from Endless, peacock beaded bag (perfect bridesmaids' gift) from Amazon.

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Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

That would be amazing! Vintage weddings are so popular now we see them all over the countryside where we live. I love the idea of real glamour. I used to wear Mitsouko just because Jean Harlow wore it. Minerva x