Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Survived Both My Reunion and a Hurricane

 Well friends, I did it! I survived not only my 10-year high school reunion (it was so much fun! everyone should go!), but also survived this amazing pile of junk food. We went home last Friday, when we met up with some of my old classmates for a tailgate at the football game. I've said many times that I grew up in a real honest-to-goodness "Friday Night Lights" type of town, and it brought back amazing feelings to see those lights blazing in the darkness.

On Saturday, the memory lane journey continued with a group lunch at Annette's Dari Barn, a classic fried food 70s-era restaurant that will always have a place in my heart. I spent so many days riding my bike there to pick up cheese sticks! On this visit, I got cheese sticks (natch), onion petals with "orange sauce" and a cheeseburger.

 I forced Sean to get the seasoned crisscut fries. SO good!

 As my mom shows here, they don't kid around with cheeseburgers.

 The decor has barely changed in my lifetime. I hope it never does!

 On Saturday night, we headed out to the sole fancy restaurant in Wise, called The Tavern on Main, for the reunion dinner. Not many people came, but we still had a lot of fun. There's nothing better than giggling with people you met when you were in elementary school!

Actually what might be more fun is legally drinking with people you met in elementary school. HA!

On Sunday, we left just in time to miss the beginning of a blizzard back home and got home in time to beat the start of the heavy winds and heavy rains from Hurricane Sandy. We weathered the storm just fine, and worked all day on Monday making sure our readers knew what was closed and what roads were flooded. 

We are so blessed that's as bad as it got, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone up north. Half of my family and many friends live in New Jersey and New York, and I'm aching knowing they're suffering, even if it's just from boredom. So much love to you!

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EmilyO said...

Glad you were ok in the storm! Just curious, are those your Hunter Wellies? I'm looking into buying a pair and wondered what kind you have. I tried the regular ones on and they weren't big enough for my calves! Do you have adjustable ones? Love, Emily