Friday, October 5, 2012

Jams of the Week

Movie Jam: The Master
Like Paul Thomas Anderson's last movie "There Will Be Blood," "The Master" is a dramatic, finely acted movie about a mentorship relationship between a charismatic man and his protege. Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman's performances are masterful and complete...they didn't leave anything out. That said, the movie is challenging to say the least. I have no idea if I "got" all of it, but it's definitely stuck with me since I saw it.
Music Jam: "Losing You" by Solange Knowles
A few years ago, I never would have expected to be giving props to Knowles the Younger, but not only is this song has a great 80s vibe that reminds me of Jody Whatley or early Whitney, and watching her dance in these perfectly tailored suits with Diana Ross hair is mesmerizing.

It's probably not fair to call this a jam yet...I just started it two nights ago and haven't made it too far, but the characters are already really vivid. I will note, however, that last week's pick, "Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures" was SO GOOD and I read it all in basically 2 1/2 days.

TV Jam: "Flip Men"
One of my guiltiest pleasures is crazy shows about flipping houses. I've seen 'em all, but just discovered a new fave: "Flip Men" on Spike TV. Sean and I have only seen four episodes, but they are all CRAZY. The first episode we ever saw involved them accidentally buying a meth house. They are nuts, but it's weirdly fun/satisfying to watch.

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