Monday, April 16, 2012

Wine Club: Blends

Wine Club has been all about celebrating lately — namely, our newest member Melissa and her upcoming marriage. To mark the occasion of her soon-to-be blended household, our most recent themed night was "blends," including Jen's amazing sweet and salty snacks, shown above.

 Jen also served breadsticks, veggies, fruit and my fave, caramel dip.

  •  Zamarro white blend: This tasted almost like a Chardonnay, which is to say it wasn't my favorite, but might be yours.
  • Third Wheel White Table Wine: This blend of chardonnay, chenin blanc and gewurztraminer was my fave. It had a slight effervescence and sweetness that made it just delicious, to me.
  • Sexy Wine Bomb white wine: This was another delicious blend on the sweet side, made with chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, muscat, gewurztraminer and marsanne.

  • Davis Valley Winery White and Red: Alone, these were almost TOO sweet. But together, they were magic! Jen said the owners of this Rural Retreat, Va. winery used to serve them blended at the annual Norfolk WineFest and it was so popular, they tried bottling them together. Somehow, the effect wasn't nearly as delicious, so they're back to separate bottles.

  • Chocolat Rouge: We finished the night with this chocolate wine blended with red wine. It was good, but not great and very rich. For the record, my favorite chocolate wine is called Noche, by Cooper Vineyards, in Louisa, Va.

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Kate said...

I LOVE the Menage a Trois! My friend's boyfriend introduced it to me at one of Diane's wine parties and it's now one of my favorites! Yumm!!