Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ordering Glasses Online

After something like five years of nagging, I finally have convinced Sean to get new glasses. He's not a big designer frames kind of guy, so I had an idea that glasses from Warby Parker might be perfect.

Warby Parker, if you're not familiar, is an online company that sells hip, stylish frames for a fraction of the cost of name brand glasses. You can order your lenses online and everything, and even try them on virtually. The company is named for two characters in Jack Kerouac books, and like Toms shoes, the company gives glasses to people in need in third-world countries. Awesome, right? But it gets better.

You can order up to five pairs to try on at home FOR FREE and then send back within five days to avoid having your credit card charged. I promise this isn't a commercial, it's just an awesome service I think everyone should know about. The glasses come in this cool case and you get to have your own little fashion show.

Sean tried on all five pairs and our favorite ended up being the second-to-last. We put two pics up on Facebook to help us settle and everyone agreed on these, the "Thompson" in black.

Sean went to the eye doctor to get his prescription and we filled it out while we checked out online. The glasses should come by next week, which would mean from start-to-finish, this will have been about a 10-day process. The frames cost $95 (WITH LENSES), which is awesome for stylish, hipsterific glasses. As I told Sean, glasses are about the only accessories men have, so they've got to be great.

Would you ever order glasses online? I don't actually need glasses, but if I did, I'd be all over that.


Nakiya said...

This is awesome!! Thank you for letting me know, glasses are SO EXPENSIVE!

Valerie said...

I ordered my glasses from Warby and LOVE them! The entire process was so easy and customer service was great. These look great on him! I'm thinking about ordering my "second runner up" for back up!