Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bright Young Things for Spring

Twenty years ago, I loved neons like any other child of the 80s and 90s and nothing has changed. I am loving the uber-saturated brights for this spring, and am getting to a point where I might need to cut myself off buying so many trendy pieces!

The colors that burn the brightest for me these days are coral, neon pink, tangerine, red-orange, mint and cobalt. Here's some inspiration for you:

Bright Spring

  1. Boardwalk Tote by J.Crew. $60
  2. Noir "Jaipur" earrings from Endless. $110
  3. Bobbi Brown Neon Gloss in "Cosmic Pink." $23 at Macys.
  4. Orange top from Zara, stores only. (I'm sure there's something similar out there, right? RIGHT?)
  5. Minnie pant in "Vibrant Flame" from J.Crew. $89. I have very similar pants from Gap, for about $60.
  6. Hudson jeans, $165 at Revolve Clothing. ASOS has much cheaper ones, too.
  7. Janna Conner cobalt ring, $88 at Max and Chloe.
  8. Thakoon's NARS polish collection. WANT THEM ALL.

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