Friday, April 20, 2012

I Spy ... Journalist Decor at Target

 I was cruising through Target the other day and double-taked when I spotted this typography-inspired decor line. Unfortunately (or lucky), I just don't need any more pillows or jars, but it took all my willpower to resist these journalist-inspired pieces.

I liked the et cetera jars, $11.99 for the smallest.

 This lead type-inspired set of letters would look sweet on a bookshelf, or (dangit) on a wedding cake for two word lovers. Why oh why wasn't this around when we got hitched?

 They had several type-heavy pillows...I liked the ampersand the best.

Not sure what these would be useful to hold, but I thought the small porcelain trinket boxes were charming.

And last but not least, these baskets reminded me of the "in" and "out" boxes that copy editors used to use to sort proofed and yet-to-be-proofed stories. Charming!

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