Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today I Like: The King's Speech

I'm certainly not the first blogger to wax poetic about the interiors in "The King's Speech," but forgive me, because I have to join their ranks. We went to see the movie this weekend, and I just loved it; I was audibly gasping over the sets! The set decoration is inspiring, not to mention impeccable for the time period, which sort of ambles between the late '20s and late '30s. 

I died over everything in the elocution instructor's studio; the glass, the dark greenish-blue trim, the stripped walls.

At at his home, the sunburst scales-patterned wallpaper...I could easily imagine that in a home today. In another room, which I couldn't find a picture of, the fictional Logue family had silver mylar wallpaper...I DIE.

And another shot of the stripped walls, which have such a derelict elegance to them. I think one could only pull this off in a very old house, like Katy's.

I've decided to do a sort of different spin on my "Today I like" entries from now on, and pull the inspiration into little guides on ways to get the look. In this case, it's interiors, but in other cases, I might be inspired by fashion, color schemes, party decor, food, etc.

Get the Look
1) Harlequin UK Arkona wallpaper, price by request.
4) Battersea sofette, $2998 at Anthropologie.
5) Liberty of London Pelagia print, about 20 pounds a yard.

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Anonymous said...

here's a link to the silver one: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/home_blog/2011/02/kings-speech-set-design.html :)