Monday, January 31, 2011

Fashion Review: Screen Actors Guild Awards

Believe it or not, I think last night was the first time I ever watched the SAG Awards. They're kind of boring in comparison to the other, glitzier awards, but given the choice between an awards show and anything else, I'll always choose the former. The fashion at the SAG awards can sort of swing like a pendulum between haute couture and just pretty clothes, but if I were going, I think I'd try to wear something off the runway that's a little less princessy than an Oscar-type dress. For me, the best dressed folks struck exactly the right balance.

Best Dressed

Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen looked easy and breezy, and I heard her also say it was an incredibly comfortable dress. I love the photo print and the effortless look of the draping, but it was the styling that really killed it; her hair and make-up were perfect for that dress. She also wore a very fabulous Cartier leopard cuff, which I would die for.

Natalie Portman looked like the sleekest pregnant woman on the block in her Azzaro gown. I'll admit, this isn't my favorite pregnant lady look; it's a bit of a snooze. But she looked so radiant, and her yellow diamond earrings from Tiffany's were just right.

I love when someone random knocks it out of the park. I thought Rosario Dawson's J.Mendel gown was perfectly draped, looked comfy yet sexy, and she rocked a color that few can. Also, the earrings were gorgeous and complemented the simplicity of the gown perfectly.

Claire Danes' Louis Vuitton gown kind of embodied what I think about the SAG awards. It was gorgeous high fashion, but had a fun print and seemed less glitzy than the other award show gowns. I'm sure some people will hate it, but I thought she rocked it.

I'm not sure Tina's Oscar de la Renta was trailblazing, but I thought it was the best she's looked in a LOOOOONNNGGG time. Maybe she finally broke down and got a new stylist?

Some nitpicky British woman on E! didn't like the belt on Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar de La Renta dress, but I quite liked it. I loved the dress because a week ago no one knew who she was, and now she's like, "HELLOOOOO...Oscar nominee over here!" She definitely stood out!

Literally no one else could wear this Prada dress and look as cute and fresh and perfect as Hailee Stanfield does. It's so age-appropriate and such a perfect fit. I also love how she's been able to dance along the line of showing skin in an innocent way.

Sofia Vergara, in this Roberto Cavalli, is so classic va-va-va-voom. She's like a modern-day Sophia Loren, and she knows it, and I love that. She told E! that she just looks like a Cavalli girl, and she's exactly right. This dress looks like she was born in it; the fit is that good.

Close But Not Quite

Theoretically, Amy Adams' Herve LeRoux dress should be a home run, but it was SO tight on her chest. You can't tell in this picture, but in every interview, she looked like she had taped her boobs down like Gwyneth Paltrow in "Shakespeare in Love."

I die for vintage Chanel haute couture, and Dianna Argon is a beautiful girl, but I HATE her shoe choice. My eyes went straight to the clunky clodhoppers just below the hem. Even she looks like she's thinking, "Yeah, I know...totally wrong shoes, I know."

Everything about January Jones' Carolina Herrera gown should work...and I know I would have loved it on the runway. But for some reason, it seemed like a polar opposite reaction dress to her oversexed Versace dress at the Golden seemed like the dress Susan Sarandon should have been wearing. Just a little fusty.

Melissa Leo totally almost made my best dressed list in this Randi Rahm gown, but I think the fit is just a touch tight, and I'm not sold on the shoes. I am sold, however, on whoever her brilliant hair/make-up team has been the past couple weeks.

I can't even articulate what I didn't like about Nicole Kidman's Nina Ricci gown. It just felt like a bit much...the lace, with the low back, with the trim at the neck, with the cross over her eye just didn't know where to go.

Worst Dressed didn't seem to know who the designer of Amy Poehler's dress was, so I'm going to venture to guess it was Banana Republic. Literally, I've worn a variation of this to meetings.

Angie Harmon looked like a pretty pretty princess in her Monique Lhuillier, which to me, seemed just wrong because a) she's not nominated at all and b) it's the SAG awards. Also, it looked like one of those horrible gowns everyone always wants on "Say Yes to the Dress."

When I first caught a glimpse of Christina Hendricks' L'Wren Scott gown, I thought it definitely had promise. It had a sort of Jessica Rabbit quality, which is perfect for her, but then she told E! that it reminded her of a smoking jacket and there it was...forever cemented in my mind as something she stole from the Playboy mansion. Designers of America: This is a real woman. This is your modern Marilyn Monroe. DESIGN SOMETHING WONDERFUL FOR HER! I command you!!!

Oh Edie Falco, I too love a beautiful wallpaper. But that doesn't mean I ask Carolina Herrera to make me a dress version of a Victorian drawing room sofa.

I'm not sure there's anything terribly wrong with Winona Ryder's Alberta Ferretti dress. But between her rather boring vintage bag, her wild-looking hair and the generally sourpuss look on her face, it seems like a coming-out dress that was forced on the goth girl at school by her social-climbing parents. 

So? What say you? I'm getting anxious for some gasp-worthy, blow-me-away Oscar fashion!


Bret said...

I agree for the most part, but I can't believe you didn't mention Julie Bowen's jumpsuit and the fact she kept telling reporters "I don't think I'm DISRESPECTFUL?!!" I found that more tragic than the actual jumpsuit.

Also, Diana looks sensational. The words "vintage Chanel coture" aren't just thrown around, missy. The shoes can be explained by her wanting some height and some queen telling her the platforms looked fierce. I agree they're a bit too much but her amazing makeup/hair make up for them. Maybe I'm biased because I love her and I have to represent the s-a-v.

I liked Christina a bit more as well, mostly because she wasn't trying to put feathers, bows, and ruffles on her chest as per usual.

Also, January tries too hard. I loved, loved, loved this dress, but it looked way too severe on her.

Amber said...

I really was disappointed in Dianna's look after I got your text and went to look for it! I liked the dress, but I thought the Look needed some tweaking; maybe Diane Kruger could lend a hand in helping her max out her Chanel?

January really does, and she has the bitchiest bitchface.