Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Fashion 2011

It's that time again! Golden Globes fashion critique time! I was pretty pleased with most of the winners last night, though I was lacking a good tear-jerker moment, which is my favorite part of most awards shows. I had some kind of surprising reactions to some of the fashions last night, and I'm sure many of you will disagree with my choices, but that's the fun, right? On to it!

The Best

Claire Danes, since she was a teenager, has always been able to rock the super minimalist silhouette. Almost no one would look good in this color and this cut from Calvin Klein, but I thought she looked really stunning. It did somewhat emphasize her very boyish body, but I thought it did so to a lovely effect. Everyone was wearing either really dull colors or emerald green, so it was nice to see a pop of color, too.

I thought Catherine Zeta-Jones looked so regal in this Monique Lhuillier emerald gown. I love the texture, and the draping is just enough...not overdone like so many of last night's dresses. She looks like a queen!

I'm not a crazy huge Eva Longoria fan usually, but I thought this Zac Posen dress was possibly the best cut for her body I've ever seen her wear. She looks like Sophia Loren meets Morticia, and I mean that in a good way!

This Pucci dress might have been my hands-down favorite. I love that Kyra Sedgwick is always playing with shapes and colors that others might shy away from, and holy DAMN, they are not aging as a couple. Also, her accessories were pitch-perfect. She looks ready for a really fabulous night out in Morocco.

At the last few awards shows, I've criticized Lea Michele for dressing a little over her age, but I thought this bubblegum pink Oscar de la Renta was hugely flattering, without being too princessy, like Gwyneth at the Oscars. She looks like a really delicate rose.

I'm sure some people hated Michelle Williams' daisy-print Valentino, but it just looked so her. I thought it went perfectly with the Mia Farrow look she's rocking right now, and it really popped out as soft and lovely and not trying too hard.

EDIT: I just looked at this from the head-on view, and it was awful. The fit was awful, the color was awful. You're confusing me, Michelle!

In the battle of the emerald dresses, I really liked Mila Kunis's Vera Wang, though I wish her hair had been styled a little less severe.

I'm not a ScarJo fan usually, but I thought this Elie Saab dress was perfect old Hollywood and worked the draped sleeve a lot better than J.Lo's crazy dress. I did, however, think the hair aged it a bit.

Natalie Portman, as always, looked like a modern-day Audrey, and her Viktor & Rolf dress was so perfectly draped to emphasize her little pregnancy bump. I was having a hard time with the rose, though...I couldn't decide if it felt like too much. Good accessories really perfected it, though.

So, when Hailee Stanfield (from True Grit) popped on the screen, I actually didn't recognize her at first. She was disguised as this gorgeous glamazon! I thought her Prabal Gurung dress and her hairsdo perfectly toed the line between age appropriate and knockout. No awkward pre-teen cleavage; no overdone Hollywood updo. Just perfect. I'd love to see girls rocking this sleek look at prom this year.

On the Fence

I have to admit that there's some part of me that might never like what Angelina Jolie wears simply because of who she is. Sleeves seemed like a HUGE trend this year, and I really love this color, and the very Old Hollywood feel of this Versace gown. But when she was sitting down on the telecast, she looked like she'd knocked out Joan Collins on Dynasty just to get her shoulder pads. It was a bit much.

January Jones, I get it. You're sexy. You're also cold as ice, it seems. And I'm not sure how you sit down. This Versace dress, in a lot of ways, is classic Elizabeth Hurley-style sexy, but while it looks great standing up, how did it look when she sat down? Also, I'd love to see her look not so glaring on the red carpet. I get it; you're a hot girl!

I was really torn about Leighton Meester's Burberry dress. On the top, it has an almost romantic, Wuthering Heights feel. The color and print are lovely and ethereal. But then on the bottom, the random slit is kind of strange, and it almost bordered on the verge of fancy nightgown. I'm trying to decide if it would have benefitted from an updo...thoughts?

I get what Sandy was going for here; it would have been too predictable to go the updo route, or maybe a bob. But the bangs are just SO heavy. The delicateness of the Jenny Packham dress is almost lost in the distraction of the Jane Birkin hairsdo, which is cute on some, but frankly looks a little young on her. 

The Worst

I get what Anne Hathaway's going for here, but Angelina Jolie did it better. This Armani Prive dress is the color of a mudpuppy, with the simulated scales to match. I also feel like it doesn't look like a modern take on an old silhouette; it looks straight-up '80s.

I worship Christina Hendricks. Seriously; I love this girl. I do not, however, ever like anything she wears on the runway. Maybe there are less options for a curvy girl, but there is no reason she shouldn't be a muse to designers. Come ON. I feel like she's always wearing the wrong color/silhouette/too much ruffle/too tight, etc. etc. I thought this Romona Keveza gown looked like a Christmas Tree skirt, especially with the red satin stripe at the bottom. The big shoulder is also TOO BIG, especially if she's going to wear her hair down.

Halle Berry certainly has the body to rock this vintage Nina Ricci, but it's so in-your-face. I looked at it and immediately thought it looked like a rejected costume from Catwoman.

This one's almost too easy. At least you can count on Helena Bonham Carter to be reliably kooky. I also think she really believes she's Bellatrix.

And, last but never least, Julianne Moore in Lanvin. Julianne in recent years has taken to wearing very complicated, high fashion, runway-style dresses that are challenging and different. And while I applaud that, I think it's done a huge disservice to her very glorious body, very glorious rack, and incredible beauty. This dress truly looks like a very fancy toga party experiment. And also, just don't wear fabric that wrinkles. Just don't do it.

So, do you agree? Disagree? Who did I miss? Let's talk it out!


Bret said...

I pretty much agree for the most part except:

I liked Emma Stone's peach Calvin Klein more than Clare Danes (but I hold grudges against her so I may be biased).

I also thought Natalie was meh. She looked pretty, but the dress was too short in the front and the rose/color combo was a little too costume/themey.

I LOVED Anne's Amrmani. It was trendy, glamorous, and sexy and the deeper back kept her from looking too Nolan Miller.

You disliked Anne's brown but are legit cool with Michelle in straight-up khaki? I thought this dress was a tad silly with the color, the decals, the embellished straps, AND ruffles? It would be a cute enough day dress if it were shorter, but not red carpet material. I do like her hairs though.

I also enjoyed how Halle got an audible gasp from the audience when she walked out. I didn't like the dress, but I enjoyed the gasp.

I also spent the better part of the night trying to convince myself that I liked Julianne. I love her SO much and want to love her more for wearing straight up Lanvin with no shame, but no...I just can't. I'll call Tom Ford to come rescue her for the Oscars.

Sandy's bangin Ryan Reynolds. I'd probably miss out on a bangs trim as well.

Amber said...

as you may have missed in the edits, I got a second look at Michelle's and totally hated it. It looked horrible from the front.

I also think Anne's is growing on me...but I loooove the emerald color of Angie's and they were just so similar it was impossible not to compare.

p.s. I almost put Emma Stone in and then didn't at the last minute...I thought she looked great, but Claire's appealed to me an eensy bit more (though I still dislike her).

Laura Rennie said...

I didn't watch the Globes or see any of the pics anywhere else, and I am BLOWN AWAY by Hailee Stanfield's pic! She looks amazing! She was utter perfection in True Grit. Very refreshing to see a young actress dress in such a lovely way.