Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little wave

This is just a friendly little wave to let you guys know I'm alive. I've barely been home since Thursday due to Memorial Day traveling and night meetings, etc. but I thought I'd drop a line.

I went to meet with a florist on Thursday and was very encouraged by the meeting. It's always nerve-racking to put your vision in someone else's hands, but I think this particular woman's hands are quite capable. Once the contracts are signed, I will have every vendor lined up. Yes, it's taken me a full year! lol.

I've been thinking a lot lately about pace. I have so many friends who have gotten engaged and are getting married in the time I've been engaged. I spend a lot of time either feeling bad for taking so long or judging others for not taking long enough, but I keep reminding myself: a wedding is just a wedding, and just like love, it's what you make it. My priorities were just that -- my priorities. So I keep reminding myself it's okay I took a year and a half for the reasons I did.

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