Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Treasure Hunting: Williamsburg Antique Mall

So have any of you noticed a theme lately? My little antiquing hobby has exploded a little bit lately, partially because I work quite close to the sprawling Williamsburg Antique Mall. I keep going in with the intention of picking up interesting stuff for the wedding, but this time I just picked up interesting stuff, period.

I've been collecting silhouettes for a couple years now. My hope is that the next time I move, I'll have enough to do some kind of awesome silhouette wall in a bathroom or something. I had to scoop up these silhouettes of George and Martha Washington, which I think cost $8.

And on my way to the counter, I fell in love with this incredibly ornate jewelry box. I usually like super-simple stuff, but this was so gorgeous. It looked like the kind of box you'd keep a tiara in. It's velvet-lined and topped with glass. I have no idea what jewelry I'm going to keep in it, but I love it.

Sigh. I really have to cut off my addiction to treasure-hunting. Maybe I can form an addiction to money-saving?


Chanelle said...

Hey Miss Silhouettes. I leave for the Philippines in 8 days!!! I'd like to finish these up for you and Sean before I leave, if possible. If we can, I'll have time to tweak before printing in July.

Also - we can do teeny sliver cutouts like Martha & George if you think it will help define outlines better?

Lovely trinkets!

Amber said...

oh lord! I'll try to take a picture tomorrow when my hair is curly! We'll see how that goes.