Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today I like ... Feminine Home

Maybe it's the fact I'm staring down a lifetime of living with a boy, but I'm all about overt, in-your-face femininity in the home these days.

Zanzibar linen fabric from Schumacher.

I am terribly bad about actually using my vanity for its intended purpose, but maybe if I had the Cherie Dressing Table (and a dressing room), I could convert! $698 at Anthropologie.

What lady's bedroom is complete without a fainting sofa, $578 at Urban Outfitters?

I hate chintz, but I could stand these pretty floral wallpaper-inspired curtains, $38 at Urban Outfitters.

If I had a little girl, or hell, an office, I'd be hanging up the Waterfall Curtain, $78 at Urban Outfitters.

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