Friday, June 18, 2010

Espresso Mousse in Chocolate Cup

Forgive me for not cooking anything tasty recently. I've been busy jet-setting ( all over the place lately, so the best I can offer are pics of some of the delectable treats I've been eating.

This amazing chocolate teacup filled with espresso mousse came from Local Chop and Grill House in Harrisonburg. The restaurant opened in the City Exchange building, a converted seed warehouse, in 2007 and at the time, I wrote an article about the new fancy restaurant. It's since changed its name, its menu and its chef (and possibly its owners!), but all for the better.

When we went, the pastry chef was on her second day and had already schemed up an awesome array of treats for dessert. The mousse was perfect, but I found myself wondering how I could replicate the chocolate teacup. I think I know how to make the handle...but what about the cup itself? Any ideas?

Taking a "sip" of mousse. The musician behind us was hilariously earnest and kinda bad, but at least he gave us something to laugh about.


Bethany said...

I found this link on the foodnetwork site that explained it. It looks similar to the methods I've seen on tv before. The espresso mousse looks delicious!

Amber said...

oooh and I love Jacques Torres chocolates! Good call, Beef.

Laura R. said...

the local is absolutely amazing. did you eat anything other than dessert? lip smackin good food.

Amber said...

Laura, I had the bison burger and it was delish. I also had a not-so-good cocktail, but that happens.