Monday, February 1, 2010

Let It Snow

Mother Nature dropped about a foot of snow on Hampton Roads this weekend, transforming me into a shut-in of epic proportions. I love snow days purely for the excuse to not go anywhere or get dressed. It's a great opportunity to cook (something you'll see more of in the next day or so) and indulge in movie marathons. I watched The Fugitive and Sleepless in Seattle on Saturday — all-time Amber classics.

Sean and I bundled up to go clear off his car and put the ice scraper to good use.

A Facebook friend's status mentioned that she was trying the 14-day free trial at and I thought, "What the heck?" It is SO addictive. I've spent 3 days piecing together my family tree (much of it my dad has already pieced together, but so what?). Came across some great shots, like this one of my dad's grandmother as a young mom.

And this one, showing five generations. The handsome fella in the center is my great-grandpa.

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