Friday, February 19, 2010

LOST in Translation V.3


Remember that Locke from the first season? He was great....

Wow. It really took forever for me to recap this week's episode didn't it? Blame Evan Lysacek and Shaun White. It's their fault.

But it's also LOST's fault a little bit. I didn't really know what to say about this week's episode, except HOLY NUMBERS, BATMAN!

My by far favorite moment was the reveal of Jacob's crazy, scrawled cave list of surnames. Some were crossed out, but some were not and those names belonged to our remaining heroes. Some names were shown and some were not. What to make of that?

My first assumption is that the list is compiled of "candidates" for whatever office it is that Jacob wants to fill. I'm guessing that Jacob has been long-searching for a candidate to take over his job, but why? Did he anticipate death or does he just want a break?

One of the best theories I've seen is that Jacob has died many times before (but how?) and his ashes are the powder that repels the Smoke Monster.

The Sideways world showed Locke's paths crossing with more of the island's familiar faces — Rose and Ben — but also allowing himself to accept his fate of life in a chair. It was refreshing and nice to see him let himself be cared for by Helen.

MIB-Locke (who some genius on the Internets decided to call the Lockeness Monster) was quite frightening with Richard and quite debonaire with Sawyer. What to make of Richard? Could Richard be an angel of some sort? A disciple?

I liked Richard's Big Warning to Sawyer and Sawyer's relatively blase response. What to make of Sawyer?

I feel like I'm already pretty fuzzy on this episode, so I'm going to devote a few hours to reading Doc Jensen's recap.

What were your thoughts this week? What do you think is going on with Jacob's List and the possible origin of the "numbers"?


Shayna said...

I'm thinking the cave belonged to MIB/Smokey/whatshisface.

shayna again said...

AND - how the eff is Sawyer getting out of that cave now that the ladder is broken. Also, that cave set was totally campy.

Amber said...

Shayna, I also had a hunch the cave was MIB's and not Jacob's at all.

And yeah, Sawyer is obviously stuck in the "Land of the LOST" style set piece.