Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST in Translation V.2


Is it just me or was this week's episode a bit underwhelming after all of last week's whoppers? No matter, still plenty of mind candy in "What Kate Does."

Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly did an incredibly comprehensive job of recapping the season 2 episode, "What Kate Did," that walked us through her original crime — murdering her stepfather (or, as it turned out, birth father).

I hoped we'd catch a peek of that crime in the sideways storyline, but not so much. Instead we saw Kate's interaction and AGAIN, involvement with Claire during her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Sayid was back from the dead, or was he?

Here are some of my half-baked first reactions:
  • Could the man inside Sayid not be Jacob, but be the Man in Black?
  • Was the poisonous pill filled with the mysterious dark powder that repels the Smoke Monster?
  • Can anyone remind me how so many of the former Ben followers ended up Dogan followers?
  • Why is the Dharma Initiative/Others compound vacant now? If we're in present-day island land (present day being, what? 2007?), where should they be? My timelines are all confused.
  • Where was Dogan/Lennon all this time? I seem to remember Richard being the main man for this group of Others, unless this is a group we've never encountered before that somehow absorbed Cindy and some other Others. Phew, confusing much?
  • Why was Ethan Goodspeed working at an L.A. hospital? This opens up another level of intrigue for the sideways world. Is this a world in which the Island/Dharma/Others don't exist or are beyond ancient history? Is Ethan, in this world, a lifelong resident of the City of Angels?
  • Did you see a flicker of recognition on Kate's face when Claire said her baby's name was Aaron? Kind of reminded me of that flicker on Jack's face when he saw Desmond.
  • Unresolved question from last week: Michael and Walt were also MIA on the LA X flight. What gives?!
Here's my new crackpot theory that I'm still kind of working out in my head: what if the sideways world is not an alternative version of events or even a simultaneous other life happening at the same time as the island world? What if ... wait for it ... this is reincarnation. What if they have been reincarnated, back into their own bodies, given another chance and we're to see how their choices move them.

Kate is already back walking her path of one foot on the righteous, Ima-save-you side and one foot on the wild side. Could it be she will get another chance to finally make that choice? Marshall Mars still has a shot to bring her in ...will she admit she was, in fact, not innocent? Did she even commit the same crime in this version of events?

Shew. I'm going to go read Doc's entry now and I'm sure all my theories will be blown out of the water and my brain will hurt double time. But I wanted to share my initial reactions, unfiltered and pure! At some point soon, I'd like to share some of my more general LOST observances, not tied to any specific episode.


Sean said...

Suzanne/Joe's theory: Claire = reborn Rousseau! The traps weren't Rousseau's, they were Claire's!

Sean said...

Oh, and why did they say Rousseau died years ago!? She would have only died weeks/months ago!

Bret said...

shannon, ana lucia, libby, etc also weren't "shown" on the flight last week. i don't necessarily think it means that they "weren't there" at all, they just didn't show everyone on the plane.

Amber said...

Sean: I agree about the Claire-as-Rousseau theory. I'm not sure if she IS her, but she seems to have assumed her role as mommy vigilante. I just read a theory that perhaps she got what the French called "the sickness" and if that is what could be happening to Sayid. The sickness, to me, always seemed like an invasive, mind-blurring case of paranoid delusion.

Bret: I was definitely considering that possibility, but wanted to consider why so very many people didn't even seem to be in the background.

Bret said...

they weren't in the background because that requires paying actors full salary to do extra work, scheduling issues, etc. i dont think that's something worth looking into as far as theory goes.