Friday, February 12, 2010

Wino Dessert Party

Wino Wednesdays is back! Except it was on Thursday this week because of stupid weather. Boooo.

This time around, it was my turn to host and as per usual, I went a little crazy with the Valentine's Day-themed decor. We were having dessert wines and desserts and boy, was it sweet.

I literally made that doily garland while watching LOST...I'm a nerd.

Above, raspberry brie bites. Recipe coming this weekend!

The menu: deli spirals (the easiest, most crowd-pleasing storebought item ever), raspberry brie bites, smoked cheddar popcorn, creme brulee bars, chocolate raspberry mousse (which I unfortunately still have) and French macarons from Trader Joe's.

I dug out my grandmother's crystal. Valentine's Day was her birthday and always reminds me of her.

We tried:
  • Jackson-Triggs Icewine: an incredibly smooth, honey-like dessert wine. Very sweet but very good.
  • Verdi Peach Sparkletini: A super fun, bubbly spumante with a hint of peach. It also comes in raspberry, which I'm dying to try.
  • Harris Ruby Porto: This was my first port and I actually really loved it! I said drinking port made me feel like one of those old dudes who plays chess in a library filled with leather chesterfield sofas.
  • Butler Cassis Noir: A very tart black currant wine, excellent served over cheesecake. Very tart and earthy.
  • Banyuls: I can't read the label, so I kinda suck at this. I bet it was good though. Oops.
  • Bitch Bubbly: I was the only one who kinda like this; it was a very bubbly, berry-flavored sparkling wine. Fun, but not rich in flavor.
More pictures and recipes to come later! Big dessert wine tip: The wine should always be sweeter than the dessert you pair with it.


Solon said...

I love port, and if you're in the mood on your next trip west the Cardinal Point winery near Afton has some great dessert wines. - Chadwick.

Amber said...

oooh thanks for the hot tip, friend!

Pat Jarrett said...

raspberry brie bites-want that recipe

Diane said...

My local booze store sells the raspberry Sparkletini for $4.99. The Ladies of Devin Circle approve.

Also, I can't wait to try the brie bites!