Friday, July 17, 2009

Best of the Best: Short Wedding Dresses

As many of you know, I've always dreamt of wearing a tea-length wedding gown. And as some of you also may remember, my dress search has been plagued by indecision and fear of the unknown. I couldn't find a single dress I loved in any of the five boutiques I visited. I found one at one point, only to find out it had been discontinued. Plus, nothing fit my vision. 

Until last week. I'm pretty positive I found The Dress, and my bridesmaids and Mom agreed wholeheartedly when I sent them a picture. I'll still have to order it blindly, but it looks like I'll be able to return it if it doesn't work and in that case, I have a back-up plan. 

That said, I thought I'd share my Best of the Best picks for short wedding gowns on the market right now. My likely future dress is among these; I'm not telling you which one just yet. Feel free to guess, though!
A dress from The Cotton Bride, whose dresses run around $2,000. (A bit much for a cotton, short dress, in my opinion.)

The Vivien Leigh from Siri. It comes in white, and I believe costs around $400.

This is the "Mrs. Kennedy" (I know, it's literally calling my name), by Stephanie James Couture. Stephanie's dresses start at $1,500 (a bit pricey, indeed) and are '50s-inspired and glamorous.

This is the Beverlywood by Dolly Couture. I love the 3/4 sleeves; very demure, but adding some sex with the v-neck. It starts at $595. 

The Milan by Reverie. The site says it's "under $2,000." I love the unique bodice, which I think could be flattering on many, many body types. 

The Trish, by Vineyard, also around $2,000. Classic silhouette and I love that scalloped lace.

A custom "Oyster and Pearls" gown by Elizabeth Dye. Elizabeth, who is based in Portland, can design gowns long-distance and gowns run around $800 to $1,000. She specializes in vintage gown restoration, as well.

The Milan, also by Dolly Couture. This lovely tulle dress costs $495, a steal for something so current with the rosette detailing.

So, there you have it. There are many, many more short dresses out there, but these were my favorites. I'd love to hear your opinions and guesses on which one I'll pick, so leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


Erica Schmidt said...

I think you will likely pick Mrs. Kennedy. Second guess is Beverlywood. Personally, I really like the Vineyard and would like it even more if it were strapless!

shayna said...

Dolly Couture Milan.

however, the siri dress was on my short list and I WISH i had known about the beverlywood dress for my wedding.

Anonymous said...

The Beverlywood. Perfect mix of glam and retro styles. I love the Vivian Leigh and the Mrs. Kennedy as well, but the Beverlywood is super fabulous. The tulle is pretty, but could be unflattering. No. 1 is cute but kinda plainish, but I'm sure could be dressed up. The Milan and The Trish are pretty, but don't do it for me. I'd be afraid that The trish could be unflattering with the neckline. Oyster and Pearls is drab, IMO. But honestly, they are all lovely! Love your taste!

Amber said...

It's so funny; everyone's line of thinking is pretty much identical to my own agonizing.

Elizardbeth said...

These are all pretty. Boy, I love the Vivien Leigh. It's easier to picture on you than the Mrs. Kennedy. Although, wow, that name!

Amanda said...

I love the Beverlywood, but that could very well be due to the pin-up styling of the model. :) There are a lot of great, great options in this set!