Friday, July 17, 2009

Catalog Wedding Jewelry

Pearls are fine, rhinestones are great. But I love when brides turn the accessories up to 11; a tan bride in a white dress with a pop of turquoise? Fabulous. A black ribbon holding up those pearls? Timeless yet funky. Who knows if I'll go the creative route (I gotta be simple somewhere in this crazy wedding of mine), but I love these necklaces recently unveiled at J. Crew and Anthropologie (who just re-did their web site, it looks great).

Above is J. Crew's $98 Libretto necklace.

I'm loving this Marie Antoinette-meets-Betty Draper rhinestone necklace, called the Crystal Symphony, also $98.

I love this Old and New necklace from Anthropologie. It's $218 for what, frankly, is an easily replicated design, but I love the way it looks like all of grandma's pearls tangled together.

This tulle camellia necklace, called the Bonheur is $58 at Anthropologie. I think it would look amazing with a very simple, strapless column or A-line dress.

And I saved my favorite for last! The Ranuncula necklace costs a very affordable $42 and is like a bouquet for your neck! Again, probably better with a simpler neckline; I'm very tempted to get it to dress up a rehearsal or exit dress.

2 comments: Maegan said...

you could make these easily ;)

Amber said...

I'm sure someone could...alas, I'm not so good with needles and thread.