Friday, July 3, 2009

Wino Wednesday: Fourth of July

This week, our wine group met at Ashleigh's house with a slight Fourth of July theme to our proceedings. We originally planned to get wine from the original 13 colonies...but pretty much only a couple of them even attempt making wine. We ended up expanding it to anything with a Statue of Liberty, a flag, fireworks. Whatever seemed patriotic.

Floyd County's Chateau Morrisette was well-represented; we tried Liberty Service Red, Our Dog Blue and Independence white.

I liked Liberty red, though some people didn't love it. It was a drinkable dry red blend.

I really liked the Independence white, a sweet-smelling, fruity, smooth white with a really nice finish.

And Our Dog Blue was a sweet, fruity, delicate white. As we always say, it would be great for drinking by the pool. 

I brought this Rockbridge Vineyard Chardonnay, representing the Shenandoah Valley. It was...skunky. We pretty much all poured it into our spit bucket, which isn't to say Rockbridge Vineyards isn't good. We've found that, as a group, we don't really love Chardonnays. 

This Duplin Winery Beaufort Bay was a SWEET white that tasted and smelled like honey. It was great by itself but more than one glass could kill you, or give you cavities, whichever comes first.

Some of the profits of Chateau Morrisette's dog-themed wines go toward service dog charities in Virginia. 

And we also tried this Moselland reisling, which we quickly realized is not made in America (which is probably a good thing). But that Statue of Liberty sure looks good doesn't she? I wrote on my card, "Not my fave," but I'm sure the others liked it. 

Even Widget doesn't like the Chardonnay.

And it wouldn't be a good party without at least one disaster!

Next time, red varietals. If you're interested in coming, e-mail me at newlydomesticated(at)


Ashleigh said...

I likes the pictures! BTW Jen and I had a wine from Rockbridge last night and it was fabulous! We will have to try it some time. It was Jeremiah.

greenpaper said...

you know what? i've been to rockbridge vineyards. my family knows that family and one time we went to a hoe-down in their barn. it was all kinds of southern fun.

but i dunno about their wine...i actually haven't tried it. heh.