Friday, July 10, 2009

From my Crazy NaNa's Test Kitchen: Mexican Dip

It's not gourmet. It's not hard to make. I'm assuming the recipe came from Good Housekeeping or a package of Philly Cream Cheese. But my grandmother's Mexican Dip is the most consistently successful dish I have ever served to a group. 

People LOVE this dip. They always ask for the recipe! It is amazingly delicious, filling and too easy to make. So today, I'm sharing the recipe with you.

Layer a package of cream cheese on the bottom of a casserole dish. Cover with a layer of Hormel No Bean Chili. 

Cover with a layer of salsa.

And top with the contents of an entire bag of "Mexican" cheese. 

Put the dish in the oven at 450 degrees and when the cheese is bubbling, it's ready to serve. 

Seriously, the easiest thing to make and the biggest party hit ever. 


Amanda said...

I love love love Mexican dips a la Taste of Home and so forth. There is just something so good about a hot, melty dip in which the ingredients have all magically become one gorgeous... bite of goodness.

Ugh. Now I just need dip. I so often do this when commenting on your food posts.

Sara said...

Best dip ever, gets consistently devoured at every party. I want to say it's from Good Housekeeping, because my mom subscribed to that. A friend of mine (who hates melted cheese) does a version with cream cheese, salsa and shredded cheese.