Thursday, July 23, 2009

Undomesticated, indeed

This has been a week of domestic disasters at the Kennedy Compound, hence the sporatic posting. Between working long hours, entertaining, attending birthday parties, getting sucked into stupid Twilight books, I've sort of fallen off the wagon of neatness. Does that ever happen to you guys?

Here's the evidence of why this week, I'm just undomesticated. Not even pretending to be.
  • For the first time in my life, I ruined the laundry. We had so many loads and so much stuff going on, that I forgot a load and left it in the washer. It was a load of whites and once they got through the dryer, I was horrified to discover blue spots on nearly everything in the load. There wasn't anything blue in the entire load, so my only guess is that the blue dye in the detergent congealed and manifested itself into ugly splotches. And the worst part is, that happened on Sunday and I've been so exhausted all week I haven't gotten to fixing it yet. Does anyone have a suggestion? Should I hit it with some Spray-N-Wash?
  • Sean broke my mirror and there are still tiny little microscopic bits of glass in the carpet that only I can see.
  • I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. I carried it in there so that the alarm wouldn't bother Sean and after washing my face, I reached for the towel and SPLAT! the cell phone plopped into the water. I started screaming "DISASTERS! OH NO! NO NO NO!" but it was too late. The damage was done. The screen literally turned white. I only got a replacement phone today, so for half the week, I was incommunicado.
  • Last night I got home and was so hungry, I figured I'd have a snack of popcorn before I made dinner. I ate way too much, though, and by dinner time I wasn't hungry, which meant by midnight, I was starving and had a hunger headache. FAIL.
  • I still have laundry waiting to be folded. From Sunday. Oy.
  • I have to get my hair cut desperately. I also have to get my car inspected. Dreading that...

Needless to say, I haven't been productive this week anywhere but work. I'm so exhausted when I get home, faint from hunger and sitting in traffic for an hour, that all I want to do is sit and read. How do the rest of you have the get up-and-go to exercise? I am in awe, friends.


Amanda said...

You know, I actually exercise more when I'm busy. :( So... these days... not exercising. Yuck.

Amanda said...

Also... it sounds like you need to become friends with the make-ahead casserole. I was always impressed with your ability to make ridiculously ambitious and multi-stepped dinners. Nothing wrong with compiling one night and cooking the next!

P.S. OMG the captcha is "chips". I don't know why that made my heart drop, but it did.