Friday, July 24, 2009

Watermelon Feta salad

Packing lunch is very difficult when you've grown up. You're conscious of people seeing your food in the communal fridge; you're conscious of people judging if you bring a bunch of fatty, unhealthy food. You want to save money, but you don't want to eat the same thing every day. Peanut butter and jelly just don't cut it like they once did, am I right?

So when I saw this recipe for a Watermelon and Feta salad on the Food Network's site, I thought, "What the hey, let's try it."

OMG, you guys. Watermelon and feta go together so perfectly, like roast beef and cheddar or chocolate and mint or Peaches and Herb. The salad was so easy to make, I'm not even going to link to the recipe because it's seriously two sentences:
  1. Toss together arugula (or in my case, baby spinach), watermelon chunks, feta, red onion and if you want, olives. 
  2. Drizzle with homemade vinaigrette of one part white wine vinegar to three parts olive oil, with pepper and salt. 
HANDY TIP: If you have the kind of job that, like mine, involves getting up in people's faces and asking them questions, you may want to pack some gum to negate that red onion. I was full of stank at a meeting I covered the other day and also full of regret for not anticipating that effect.


Pat Jarrett said...

WOOOO! This looks wonderful, Amber. I also appreciate the stank/regret tip.

Amanda said...

So... this looks great and healthy and refreshing and everything, but I don't like watermelon. :( I wonder if I could handle it in this salad.

Amber said...

I'm not the biggest fan of watermelon, but I thought it was awesome. The combination with feta is really good -- very salty and very sweet.

Laurel said...

If you don't like watermelon, try it with strawberries. We used to serve something similar to this at Sam & Zoe's in Nashville. It's also good with walnuts and avocado.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i haven't ever heard of pairing those together - what a yummy-looking salad (especially since i love both watermelon and feta).