Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Living Room's New (yet old) Couch

When last we checked in on the living room, it was sporting spiffy new shelves and a pair of school bus-yellow armchairs. I have about a million items on my current wish list for the house, but I've been preoccupied with wanting to get a couch in here so that I could feel ready to have folks over for dinner and drinks in there. BUT since I do have a million items on my wish list, I was hoping to snag something cheap for the time being.

And after a couple months of haunting Craigslist only to see the same brown leather-and-suede Value City couch 500 times, I finally found a contender! We went and picked up this Cinderella-blue velvet 1970s straight-outta-grandma's couch yesterday. It was $100, is insanely comfy, matches our painting perfectly and I love its low profile and clean lines. It's a little granny, but I'm hoping the sorely needed rug I'll find someday soon will bring it all together. I also want to have a little fun with throw pillows.

Another view. I was a little nervous about the color, but it really does complement the painting quite well! We had a bit of an adventure going to pick it up...let's just say I'm not the best at making quick and clean u-turns in rented cargo vans.

The yellow and blue theme of the living room seemed to carry through the rest of the day...I went out to see what was new in the garden and the daffodils have popped. Their cheerfulness is so welcome!

And in preparation for a work event, I sat down with a pack of pretty blue origami paper and taught myself how to make cranes so that I can now do it without any instructions. I'm betting I'll remember how to do it for about a week before I totally make room in my brain for something else.


Laura R. said...

LOVE the couch. Someday I’ll make my way down for drinks and crane lessons. :)

gina-mom said...

Somewhere I have some origami paper you bought me... maybe you can teach me how to make cranes on your new couch!