Friday, March 6, 2015

Sky High Reubens and Rink-Side Vino

It's been a busy week full of changes and firsts! I started the week by trimming my hair even a little bit shorter and I was so in love with how my girl styled it! I can't replicate her skills in a million years, unfortunately.

It's hard to believe that a year ago, my hair was about 9-10 inches longer!

After my haircut, Ashleigh and I had a date night and went to Route 58 Delicatessen, a legendary Jersey-style deli in Virginia Beach. The reubens are stacked sky-high and are LEGIT. We split a monstrous turkey reuben and the rye was just delicious.

Me and my sandwich Everest.

And then, because we didn't come to play, we each ordered a gigantic slice of cheesecake straight from the legendary Carnegie Deli. I had the chocolate truffle cheesecake...

And Ash had the triple-baked cheesecake with blueberry topping. I seriously worked on that slice for three days. We went to see Still Alice and managed not to bawl through the whole thing, but were blown away by Julianne Moore's ability to utterly disappear into a role.

But we weren't done...NO! On Wednesday, I went to my very first hockey game! Wine Club ventured out to a box at the Norfolk Scope to see the Admirals play. We sipped (maybe a little too much) wine, got caught on camera not paying attention and did our damnedest to rock the dance cam.

It was totally insane to be this close to the only fight in the game. What a weird and wonderful night!

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