Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Best v.237

St. Paddy's Day always makes me wish I were back in Ireland! We haven't been on a "big trip" in about three years and I'm feeling so itchy, but of course, our bank account is still in recovery mode from buying a house and installing hardwood floors. Grown-up life is so tough sometimes! But at least we have fun links to pass the time:
  • Andrew Keegan is now a crystal-peddling guru.
  • This is a LONG video, but a super cute proposal.
  • How children become narcissists (hint: it's definitely their parents' fault).
  • Real science! Dudes actually can't remember anything because they are raised differently than girls.
  • The most accurate list of first crushes I've ever seen. 
  • I read the book Serena and was so pumped about the movie and apparently it went way off the rails. 
  • Before they were stars: Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell star in a Fabio sketch.
  • A heartbreaking article from a dying 37-year-old man. His message: don't discredit the joy you bring others.
  • This mom tells it like it is: if a girl tells a boy she's not interested, RESPECT.
  • There will now be a Cards Against Humanity app. It almost makes me a little sad! It's always something to look forward to when you see friends.
  • What it's like to have Kim Kardashian's nails. (hint: you can't do anything.)

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