Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Best v. 235

Twiggy, putting on her face.

Oh you guys. Why can't I seem to blog these days? You'd think days and days of working from home buried in snow would be the perfect time to get to writing, but the truth is, it means absolutely nothing is happening. I'm puttering around the house in long underwear, I'm STILL unpacking the occasional box (hello, Moscow Mule mugs!) and I'm plowing through House of Cards' newest season. That's just winter, isn't it?

The good news is that we have a month FULL of houseguests, which means lots of playing tourist in our own town. I'm excited, especially after being cooped up!
  • Are you hip to the current Internet slang.
  • An awesomely close look at the graphic design for The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • This amazing artist's works are a collaboration with BEES.
  • Jerry Saltz visited cave paintings and it sounds like a life-changing must-do!
  • I'm not a Kardashian fan, but I was actually a little touched to read Kim's tips for wearing make-up when you have psoriasis. Who knew?
  • Sesame Street's pitch-perfect House of Cards.
  • A photojournalist documents bachelorette parties.
  • I'm a little stunned; Willow and Jaden Smith's new music is great.
  • This is new-to-me: a book trailer that includes abandoned European homes that are perfectly preserved! So cool.
  • The Cadbury Egg taste test.
  • An incredibly compelling excerpt of Kim Gordon's autobiography. Reading it sent me down a YouTube Sonic Youth rabbit hole.

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