Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Operation First Houseguests Complete!

Up until about two weeks ago, this room was full of boxes and the mattress and box spring were standing, propped up by box towers, diagonally in the middle of the room. It was impossible even to get into the room and I definitely was using it as a place to dump anything that hadn't been unpacked. And then everyone told us they could visit in March (!!!). 

So, we scrambled to move the boxes, unpack what we could, put the bed together and try to make the room work despite the fact I desperately wanted to have removed the lighthouse border by now. When I posted this pic on Facebook, everybody loved the navy walls, but I'm not sure we'll be able to keep them in tact once we start scraping away at the border...it definitely makes the paint chip on the textured walls. So we'll see what happens with that. I still want to make a headboard for this room, replace the lamps and hang my silhouette collection again.

Our good friends Holly and Arthur were in town and we were determined to pack their bellies with delicious (albeit unhealthy) grub from some of our favorite spots. We pre-gamed for a visit to a brewery with a round of Privateer sandwiches (root beer-braised brisket, cheddar cheese, cherries and greens) at Field Guide in Norfolk.

From there, we hopped over to O'Connor Brewing for flights...

And then STUFFED OUR FACES with German food at the Bier Garden in downtown Portsmouth. Schnitzel bites and pretzels for everybody!

For her main course, Holly ordered schnitzel and it was seriously the size of a house. We couldn't even believe how big this course was. Pro tip: order this to share.

On Sunday, we ventured out to brunch at No Frill Grill (no pics to include, but I had the always-delicious Funky Chicken Sandwich) and went to see the Chrysler Museum's The Art of Video Games exhibit. Holly showed the youngins how it's done on Super Mario.

Thanks to generous support from the city of Norfolk and private donors, the Chrysler's admission is free, so we were able to explore the glass exhibit. 

I was completely in love with local glass artist Charlotte Potter's Facebook-inspired cameo project, featuring the profile pics of more than 800 friends, organized according to geography of where they live.

And like a moth drawn to the flame, the first one I saw was of my all-time fave, Audrey Hepburn.

We finished out our weekend with card games for the boys and bad childhood movies for us girls. Holly and I split a bottle of rose and watched Teen Witch and my favorite Disney Channel movie, Wish Upon a Star. So terrible and so fun!

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