Friday, August 1, 2014

Jams of the Week

Let's talk about what I'm jamming on these days. As always, it's elderflower everythang in the Kennedy household. I spotted this limited edition elderflower Angry Orchard at Target and it is great! It's still apple cider, but it tastes like it has been mixed with St. Germain, which is to say it has been mixed with the taste of heaven.

I have an inexplicable love of Nat Faxon, who starred on the dearly departed "Ben & Kate" and co-wrote "The Descendants" and "The Way, Way Back." I was pumped to see his new show, "Married," on FX and although it's a little bleak in its view of marriage at times, it's definitely finding the humor in the honesty. I'm interested to see where it goes.

I'm the worst when it comes to book recommendations. I almost never want to read what people tell me to read, but Sean broke me down and convinced me to read "World War Z" by Max Brooks. Not just read, but narrate, because he had me do a makeshift book on tape for our entire drive to and from Asheville. To my surprise, it's GREAT. The format lends itself particularly well to reading aloud, because it's told in a series of interviews with witnesses from around the world. It's much more interesting than the movie, and has some sharp observations of human behavior and hysteria.

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