Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grounds for Sculpture, or Art Geek Paradise!

This past weekend, my bestie Ashleigh and I ventured north to visit my grandparents and see our friends. On Friday, we went to one of my new favorite places ever: Grounds for Sculpture.

The sculpture attraction was created by Seward Johnson, a sculpture known for kitsch who also happened to be a Johnson & Johnson heir. Financial freedom lends itself to creative freedom, and the result is a place that is pure corny fun! The gardens are delightful, and feature sculptures modeled after famous people, every day people and — my favorite — famous works of art. Here are some shots of us having too much fun jumping into favorite artworks:

 Van Gogh's Bedroom (it reminded me of Blues Clues!)

 Renoir's The Boating Party

 Edouard Manet's Les Dejeuner sur L'herbe (clothing optional)

 Hanging out under Marilyn's skirt!

Sharing a hula hoop with a little girl. 

After our photo-taking odyssey, we headed to the Mediterranean Chateau, a Portuguese restaurant with the best dang dry rub ribs ever. They deserve a plug for sure!

It was a great fun day, and for $15 adult admission, completely worth the trip to Grounds for Sculpture. 

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