Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today I Like ... Silk Scarves

 I had a thing for silk scarves when I was a young girl. I remember tying them in my ponytails, wearing them as kerchiefs, belts, headbands and beyond. I was always a 50's-obsessed kid, so no surprise there. But lately, especially as I've been seeing so many cool designs popping up in the silk scarf world, I've had them stuck on my mind again. I'm bringing 'em back into my repertoire! Let's get some styling inspiration, shall we? There's always the necktie...

 The fancy lady cravat, as modeled by Betty Draper...

 The effortless chic wrap-and-tie shown by Claudia Schiffer...

 the glamorous Hermes sling on the glamorous Grace Kelly...

 The head-and-sunglasses combo immortalized by Jackie Kennedy...

And the knot necklace, worn by Kate Middleton. 

And me, modeling my favorite easy breezy version: the triangle tie back.

Modern Square Scarves

silk scarves

  1. I am seriously coveting this $195 turquoise print scarf by Nectar and Light.
  2. Get some worldly flair with a tasseled square scarf from Johnny Was for $86.
  3. I've had Emerald Grippa's scarves on my wish list for a long time! $150.
  4. A cat lady like me can't resist Leah Goren's whimsical Picasso Cats scarf, $96.
  5. And if you don't have that much cash to drop on a scarf, Ann Taylor Loft's scarves are affordable and chic at $36.
You can also always scoop some vintage ones up at vintage clothing shops and antique stores! I have a couple I love, including this equestrian one I just scooped up on Saturday (shown above).

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