Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend 2014

 Another Fourth of July — my most treasured holiday — has come and gone! It was a great weekend, both relaxing and fun, but it does feel like summer is moving too fast. I wanted to share some pictures of our weekend celebrations before I forget. I got in the spirit on Friday and painted my nails.

 And then donned my 2014 Fourth of July outfit. As you may or may not know, getting dressed for the Fourth is one of my favorite things about it and I wish I had pictures from all the years. I remember as a kid, pairing red high-top Chuck Taylors with white Tees and blue jean shorts; as a teenager, I tied red, white and blue check ribbon around the straps of tank top. This year, I opted for my favorite shibori-print shirtdress and my wear-them-every-day red wedges from Gap.

Sean brought the Americana vibe with his plaid!

We joined our friends on the Palace Lawn in Colonial Williamsburg again this year and I honestly think that's one of my favorite spots to celebrate. I feel so privileged to have the option to celebrate the founding of our country in a former colonial capital. It's romantic and with the Virginia Symphony playing all my Americana jams, it feels cinematic! 

We shared a picnic of artichoke dip, no bake cheesecake bites, and — in a moment of brilliance — Sean ordered take-out burgers from DOG Street Pub and we nom nom'd on those bad boys while jamming to Aaron Copeland's "Rodeo" and felt proud to be Americans.

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