Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Best v.211

Picasso with his portraits of Dora Maar.

I had a thrill of a weekend at the front end (more on that later) and an indulgent do-nothing day today, during which I finished a book, had a pin-a-thon, watched the World Cup, went for a walk and now it's pizza time. Let's be frank, it's always pizza time.
  • I love the song Fancy, but this writer has a point. We might deserve a better song of summer.
  • People thought Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur.
  • Men need to stop calling women crazy.
  • You're not imagining it: work is the worst in your early 30s.
  • What if Indiana Jones were denied tenure.
  • A surprisingly lovely story about aircraft carriers.
  • How to ride a bike in a skirt
  • Also, via Joanna's blog: help identify Grandpa's Photos.
  • It's tomato sandwich season! Time to celebrate with this classic column from a Hampton Roads legend.
  • Get the tissues! A dog's last day.

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