Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wine Club: Fun Labels!

 I've been totally slacking on writing posts lately, most especially falling behind on Wine Club! Our last wine club celebrated fun wine labels and to complement the kooky labels, our hostess Ashleigh made fun-size food. I didn't get shots of the mini meatloafs or mini cheesecakes, but I did manage to snag some pics of the mini buffalo chicken wontons and my fave, the mini chicken caesar salads in bread cups. So cute and perfect!

 Some wontons even had blue cheese!

Fun labels was especially interesting because everyone interpreted it differently! We ended up with:

  • Freakshow Cab: Arguably the most fun of the labels, the Freakshow Cab has rich notes of espresso, melted chocolate and cassis.
  • Honora Vera Garnacha: A grenache from Spain, with ripe cherry color and easy-to-drink notes of fresh ripe berries.

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