Friday, March 14, 2014

Jams of the Week

YouTube Jam: Billy On the Street

I had seen Billy On the Street clips before, but after seeing this trailer for his third season, I basically devoted a day to watching his entire YouTube channel. His manic, in-your-face, subjective style is hilarious and I love when he's obviously judging people to their face. Billy gets to act the way we all wish we could!

Morning Ritual Jam: Iced Chai

My love of chai tea, either hot or cold, is pretty well documented. Only recently did I pick up chai concentrate, which really truly delivers the exact same taste I can get at coffee shops for a fraction of the price AND I'm already imagining all the fun things I can do with it, like make ice cream. 

Music Jam: "Blue Moon" by Beck

I love how Beck disappears for a few years and always reemerges with a completely new vibe for the moment. Sometimes it's funky, Spanish-tinged pop; this time, it's mellow, AM radio-ready simplicity. It reminds me of The National, and of course his earlier work on "Sea Change." I'm digging it.

Cocktail Jam: Pimm's Cup

You know how you have those foods or drinks you've always meant to try, but it's never quite happened? For me, that's the Pimm's Cup. It's a classic British cocktail of summertime, always popping up in British entertainment and novels, but for some reason I rarely see it on menus. I've often paused by the bottles in the alcohol store and considered just buying it, but wanted to know if I even liked it first. I finally spotted it on the menu at Venture last week and the verdict is in: DELICIOUS. Its taste is hard to describe, falling somewhere between hints of molasses and sweet tea. The cucumber garnish is also superb.

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