Friday, March 28, 2014

Wine Club: Fondue Night

This week, I hosted a Wine Club game night with the Zin Zig wine trivial game. I wanted to make sophisticated game night food and to me, that screams fondue! And what's really better than dipping a bunch of random things in melty gooey goodness? Nothing, I tell you.

I served up three plates of items with dips. First, classic fondue with emmenthaler and gruyere cheeses. To dip, I had a selection of veggies, chicken bites seasoned with herbs de provence, baguette slices, apples and salami.

 For a dessert option, I had hot fudge (no time to make real chocolate fondue!) with banana slices, strawberries and madeleines.

 And I slaved away making Chef Mike Isabella's pepperoni sauce, with gnocchi, cheese and spinach ravioli and baguettes. It was all delicious if I do say so myself!

The game requires bringing bottles of wine to sample that will eventually be concealed, so we didn't have a theme per se, but every bottle was delicious!
  • Little Penguin Pinot Noir: This was a spicy pinot with a little kick, but a great finish. Ashleigh said it's so cheap she couldn't figure out why we haven't been drinking it!
  • Red Diamond Malbec: This was really truly a delicious Malbec...notes of pomegranate, but super smooth and drinkable. This bottle was finished first!
  • Rosemount Estate Shiraz: A great cheap shiraz from Australia with hints of blueberries and oak.
  • Belle Ambiance Red Blend: I couldn't find a site for this one, but let me tell you...I might not be the most sophisticated wine drinker, but I love a good blend and this was scrumptious. It was a little sweet, but had a strong hint of vanilla that I found I really enjoyed. Extremely easy drinking with this one!

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