Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sage Brown Butter Chicken

I have to admit, I've been lazy lately! Am I the only person who finds it really hard to adjust back to life after vacation? That includes cooking!

We came home to a fruit fly problem. It seems to be solved now after we took two actions:

  • Put out jars of apple cider vinegar, topped with saran wrap with toothpick-sized holes poked through. This TOTALLY worked.
  • Completely cleaned out the fridge just to be on the safe side.
Starting back from scratch, with a completely cleaned out fridge, got me back in the mood to cook, so last night, I tried a new chicken recipe: sauteed chicken with sage brown butter.

First, I pounded two chicken breasts, salted and peppered them, and dredged them in all-purpose flour.

I sauteed them on medium-high heat in a pan heavily sprayed with cooking spray. Here's where I'm a bad blogger: I had to move so fast during the butter sauce-making period that I was unable to take any pics!

I turned down the heat a little bit (probably could have turned it down a little more) and added about 3 tablespoons of butter to the pan and two springs of sage. When the butter started to brown, I removed the sage sprigs and added minced garlic and thyme. I cooked for about 30 seconds, then added a little lemon juice and cooked for 30 seconds more. I added the chicken back to the pan, generously coated it in the butter sauce, and served it up with green beans!

This is a tasty, rich dish and the sage really makes the flavor. Sean said I can add it to the regular chicken rotation, so that's the highest endorsement a chicken recipe could get!

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