Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Best v.77

Check out my mom in her Alice in Wonderland costume! How presh is she?! She was in third grade, and adorable. I don't have any wild and crazy plans for Halloween night, other than wine club, but I'm going pretty low-key with the costume this year.  How about you guys? What are you planning to do for Halloween?
  • For about a week, everyone in my office was obsessed with this article about singlehood.
  • My friend Pat went to China and took the most amazing photographs. (With film no less!)
  • Ever wonder where that picture on the Internet came from? Try this app!
  • Are the folks in Brooklyn dressed up for Halloween or Tuesday?
  • This movie looks like an unintentional sequel to "Rachel Getting Married." 
  • Amy did a great round-up of decor inspired by Practical Magic, a cheesy movie, but beautifully art-directed.
  • Apparently you can use Listerine to get rid of a dry scalp?!
  • A museum playground.
  • I love this Williamsburg-inspired wedding shoot.

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