Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mia Farrow-inspired Wedding

Maybe if I ever renew my vows, I'll do it Mia Farrow-style. A casual, yet chic white dress, snazzed up with some stylish accessories, a quick ceremony at the courthouse or at an art gallery, followed by a brunch for only the closest friends.

Mia Farrow Inspired Wedding

Capture the 60s look with a simple white shift, pink lips and larger-than-life lashes. I'd make the outfit a little more modern with a sculptural modern necklace and leopard flats...a little touch of Mrs. Robinson. I can't really imagine this kind of girl even having bridesmaids, but if she did, I'm sure they'd choose their own outfits, so let's leave that one up to our imaginations, eh?

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Unknown said...

That necklace is absolutely to die for. Holy smokes.