Monday, October 3, 2011

An Audrey Hepburn-inspired Wedding

This week I thought it would be fun to post some fantasy wedding ideas. When I was planning my wedding last year, I joked that I had enough inspiration to plan five weddings. So, this week, I'm posting some inspirational wedding ideas inspired by my favorite style icons. First up: Audrey, of course!

Audrey Wedding

I picture a brief, classy ceremony at a small church or in a city park, then a dessert and champagne reception at a nearby restaurant or art gallery. The Ceci New York wedding invitations feature the New York skyline, but could serve as inspiration for the skyline of any city.

Audrey-Inspired Wedding

This Audrey-inspired look features a pricey but gorgeous Jason Wu dress that actually could be worn again, delicate feminine black shoes and big, beautiful lashes. The Creed perfume, Spring Flower, was actually created for Audrey, and the blusher veil's little bows seem like the perfect little extra flair. A perfect outfit for a city wedding!

Black Dress Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids could choose their own LBDs and the bride could buy them each a different demure set of pearl earrings. I like how each set is different and suited to the dress. An Audrey-inspired wedding wouldn't be complete without black, bows and pearls!


Laura R. said...

this is PERFECTION. love love love - esp the bridesmaids dresses and earrings.

you've done an office mood board on polyvore, right? how did you find the stuff? i only find fashion items.

Amber said...

I literally pin (using polyvore's version of such a thing) stuff to Polyvore. I'm basically using it as a Photoshop substitute until I come up with a better plan (I had creative suite on my computer, which is effectively dead).