Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Wedding Bands

I'm feeling very reflective this week because not only is my one-year wedding anniversary this week, but our Best Man is getting married on Saturday. I realized I never shared our wedding bands on the blog!

Pictures from here.

Because my engagement ring was a classic solitaire, I knew I wanted a similarly classic, but modern wedding band. I didn't want a ton of diamonds, but I didn't want a plain gold band either. I didn't find anything I liked in traditional jewelry stores, so when I saw the work of Blanca Monros Gomez, I thought it looked perfect. At first glance, it's a classic gold band, but a closer look reveals three tiny rubies. Sean very sweetly said they go well with my complexion.

Blanca offers engraving, and in very tiny cursive, Sean had it engraved to say "My dear lady." 

Sean surprised me when he said he wanted a wood ring, which I thought was perfect as soon as I heard it. I did a little hunting around and found Naturaleza, a line of sustainable wood jewelry designed by Marlon Obando Solano.

I love the ring's elegant silver racing stripe, and the fact the inside is silver made me feel secure that the ring was durable. I have to admit, I find myself gazing at Sean's's so beautiful and manly and perfect for his personality.


Suzanne Tate said...

What lovely choices and what beautiful sentiments! Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Very simple and elegant styles. Excellent choices. I've been considering replacing our bands with tungsten carbide rings in similar simple styles.