Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Temporary Wallpaper for Renters

Photo of Jordan Ferney's temporary wallpaper, found on Design Sponge.

After our talk last week about solutions to renters' woes, I realized I completely forgot about temporary wallpaper! Temporary wallpaper is a great option, albeit a bit pricey knowing you won't have it forever. You can use it to make one wall really pop or to decorate a small room, and really make your rental feel like a home. And when you remove it, supposedly the wall needs at most a little touch up. It makes you wonder why anyone uses normal wallpaper!

Edie wallpaper from Tempaper Designs, $84.95 a roll.

Favorite designs from Sherwin Williams. They are from the Ink, Black and White and Neutral collection.

So would you do it? I would, except our walls are strangely huge, so I could imagine it costing a small fortune to make a big enough impact. 

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